Who Wins the Big 12 Football Conference?

The Big 12 is stronger and more talented college football conferences in the country and this year is no exception. There can always be a few surprises when it comes to choosing a Big 12 champion. Here is my list of 5 Big 12 teams that could possibly win the conference in 2016. ¬†It’s no surprise that these teams are favored by the Vegas odds too.

1. Oklahoma

12 starters return for Oklahoma and Baker Mayfield is in the conversation for the Heisman trophy. The Sooners won the Big 12 last year and are the odds on favorite to repeat. The offensive line lost two starters and the defense lost a few players but Oklahoma has the ability to reload like every other powerhouse program in the country. They are my favorite to win the conference.

2. TCU

This is an interesting call. TCU returns four starters on defense and will have to get their quarterback position taken care of. They have a transfer from Texas A&M in Kenny Hill, who more than likely will get the nod to start. They also have to revamp their offensive line. However, they still have core skill players and that can help Hill get into the flow of things at quarterback. If he does play well, they can give Oklahoma a run for their money, but Oklahoma is still much more talented.

3. Oklahoma State

I had a hard time deciding between Oklahoma State or TCU at #2, but it makes sense to me to put Oklahoma State at #3. One of the main factors for putting State at #3 was the schedule. It seems that State has tougher road games compared to TCU, and the Horned Frogs are a very good home team. Oklahoma State still has a good defense, and they could prove to be one of the better ones in 2016, but they will have to get their running game going to take some pressure off the quarterback.

4. Texas

This is my surprise team at #4. The Longhorns have not had much luck of late, and Charlie Strong is going to have to kick them in gear this year if he wants to have a shot at keeping his job. But Texas has had some very good recruiting classes and they are due to break out this year. Keep an eye on this group since it still is Texas.  Campus Insiders thinks Texas will surprise people.

5. Baylor

The scandal at Baylor has put the program in turmoil. They have lost their head coach Briles who really is the one who has built the program, and they have lost a number of recruits due to the scandal as well. The upside, they still have great players at the skill positions and quarterback.

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