SEC Football Predictions 2016

There are five teams that are likely to win the SEC this season.  They have the coaching and enough returning talent.  It doesn’t hurt that they have top-notch recruiting classes waiting to fill the shoes of the players that each team lost.  The predictions below are made by the use of the past games that the teams have taken part in which show that they have the highest chances of winning this year’s title. The teams include the following;

1. Georgia
This is one of the teams that have shown they can contend year in and year out.   The team has good players who have the ability to win this conference easily because they have the experience and the skills needed to compete favorably in a SEC that will involve some of the toughest teams in the game. Another advantage that the team has is the change of head coach.  It seems like this has been one of the challenges facing it for a very long period of time making it not to perform well. With the current coach doesn’t have a lot of experience, he is coming from Alabama’s strong pedigree.  It is likely that this is one of the teams that have high chances of winning the title.

2. LSU
The team has not had the best performance for a long period of time, and it is likely that they will use this chance to turn around the club and win the SEC. It’s been a bit of a slow stretch for Les Miles and company, but whenever he has a quarterback the team contends for a national title.  I don’t see this year being any different.

3. Ole Miss
This team has a unique style of play that can enable them beat any opponent in the league and win it. Though they don’t have as strong of a history as LSU, Georgia, or Alabama, they have come on strong recently.  This will be a team that plays with a chip on their shoulder this season.  Saturday Down South thinks this is clearly the team to beat in the West.

4. Tennessee
One of the most talented teams in the SEC, but the last few years they didn’t have the experience.  I think this is the season that they get over the hump.  Butch Jones has put together some solid recruiting classes and now has coached them up.  This team will be ready and will surprise anyone not paying attention.

5. Alabama
The team has the best coach who has been able to win many titles and trophies and is, therefore, the team that is most likely to win the trophy. It’s hard to argue with the success that Nick Saban has had since coming back to the college game.  With the recruiting classes that he brings in it’s hard to argue that any team will beat the Tide. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are right there in the playoffs yet again this season.

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