2016 ACC Football Predictions

Our question before us today is, “Who has the best shot of winning the ACC title in 2016?”  Without a doubt the Atlantic Division has several good teams.  The Coastal is down a little bit, but when it comes down to one championship game anyone has a shot.  Let’s dive in.


1. Clemson
2. Florida State
3. Louisville
4. North Carolina State
5. Syracuse
6. Wake Forest
7. Boston College


1. North Carolina
2. Pittsburgh
3. Miami
4. Duke
5. Virginia Tech
6. Virginia
7. Georgia Tech

All together, these are the 14 teams competing for the coveted ACC championship. Therefore, the question now is, “What team is the biggest contender to go ‘all the way’?”  Athlon Sports agrees with us that it’s between Clemson and North Carolina.

The ACC Top Picks

Starting over with the Coastal I think the team to beat is North Carolina. North Carolina has had some roster eligibility issues, but still stands to repeat or improve on their 11-3 record.

Meanwhile, Clemson only missed winning the National Championship by one game (14-1), and this team will now have increased chemistry, and experience; they will now be the team in the ACC to be reckoned with.  That is why BoydsBets.com has them listed as the favorites.

Therefore, we now have it down to two, and we need to know what sets these two teams apart?

Deciding Factors

Factors that are going to be against the Tar Heels is their starting quarterback Marquise Williams with no further eligibility to play. In addition, their upcoming schedule for the next season has a combined last season in conference record of, 47-42. Finally, to make matters worse, North Carolina has an away game at Florida State University (October 1), and with the adjustments made on the offensive and defensive lines, could spell trouble for the Tar Heels.

Meanwhile, the tale of the tape factors for Clemson is an in-conference opponent combined record of, 46-54; the team still has all of its offensive stars controlling the rushing lanes, and will even have their receivers back to help Deshaun Watson dominate the air. As a matter of worry for the Clemson in the upcoming year, is the October 29 battle at Florida State University. For Clemson my worry is that with a little bit of a softer schedule going in to a team with the caliber of FSU may soften them just enough to allow FSU to dominate. If this happened, the chances for a renewed National Championship bid could become problematic.

My favorite

With everything that has been said, I still have to side with the Clemson Tigers. Compared to either the Seminoles or Tar Heels, who have suffered a setback with their quarterback from last year with no further eligibility.  FSU is always a threat and they play extremely well at home.  They have some solid recruits on both offense and defense, but I still must side with the Tigers. The reason is they fell one game shy of the National Championship, and I foresee this as their driving force to capture this year. I do not see them letting the National Championship slip away from them again, so I see the Clemson Tigers as National Champs.

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